Why Live Security Patrols Are Better Than Remote

by Wormald Security | May 13th, 2021 |    0comments
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Security is a top priority in residential or commercial areas. With the help of live security patrols you are assured of improved performance and a positive outcome for your business or tenants. This blog explains the benefits of live security patrols.

  1. 24/7 Guard Accountability: One of the important benefits of live security patrols is that it increases guard accountability. The guards are always available for electronic checkpoints, GPS tracking, and automatic timekeeping. Powerful technology systems can forward automatic alerts when a guard fails to turn up for his duty or is not where he or she is supposed to be.
  2. Real Time Reporting: Live security patrol enables real-time reporting and communication, which can significantly improve security. Live camera feeds are one thing, but having a live person on site is completely different. Powerful monitoring systems allow the guards to upload videos and photos when reporting incidents.
  3. Safety First: The live reporting and tracking features of a security patrol monitoring system can ensure that both the guards, tenants, and assets are protected. The communication and tracking elements can have a huge impact on financial and physical safety for everyone involved.
  4. Remote Management Capabilities: Live security patrols can help in back-office operations by automating many tasks and enabling smooth communication between the guards and the office.
  5. Data-Driven Decisions: With a live security patrol you have access to data that will notify you about best performers working in your company. The live security system helps you to identify crew strengths and problem areas.

There is no doubt that live security patrols are significantly better than remote. Managers and business owners should embrace live security technology in their companies wherever possible.


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