Access Control

Our security guards specialize in the area of access control, providing security and protection from intruders and unwanted entrances in businesses and workspaces across Surrey and Greater Vancouver.
Our teams of uniformed guards protect and stand guard at entrances to our client’s locations, whether at a private or public event, retail store, industrial or construction worksite or any other protected location. Special event security allow only the qualified to access employee restricted areas to ensure smooth and safe running of events. Retail outlets are able employ our guards during the workday and after hours to prevent unwanted and unqualified people accessing the store or certain restricted areas. We employ security tactics and guards to prevent unwanted visitors or pedestrians entering restricted areas, therefore defending against theft, unwanted surveillance and trespassing.
Our uniformed security guards are flexible, accounting for varying credentials for access or other allowances and protocol based on the needs of our clients. Access control implements measures to avoid preventable mistakes, losses, criminal activity such as theft and vandalism and offers additional safety and peace of mind to our clients. Measures of access control protect our client’s assets and products, and they ensure the safety of workers in retail, industrial or construction site settings. Customers in retail and event-goers are also protected by access control, which eliminates their ability to access any dangerous or important equipment used by professionals.
The safety and security of our client’s businesses, workplaces and events, and the safety of their respective customers and patrons is highly valued and prioritized at Wormald Security. Our trained, adaptable and organized team works to provide the best security possible. To learn more about how professional access control from uniformed security guards can benefit your event, business or other needs, contact Wormald Security.

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