Security Guard Services - Surrey & Greater Vancouver

Here at Wormald Security, we provide a number of methods to help you protect your assets. Our team is able to provide security for your location, workspace, business or event through efficient, effective and personalized security teams and measures. The security services we provide to the Greater Vancouver and Surrey region here at Wormald Security include:

Access Control:

Our uniformed security guards provide efficient and effective security for your business, allowing for secure access control based on the needs of your company.   more on access control >>

Commercial & Industrial Security:

Our security team prides itself on providing outstanding security for your commercial and/or industrial business assets, setting out means of secure protection and following through with exceptional service and focus.   more on commercial & industrial security >>

Concierge Style Security:

Your security needs are our priority. At Wormald Security, we tailor our uniformed security services to your individual needs. From our mobile patrol to special event security and everything in between, we are dedicated to providing specialized service to provide you with the most functional and effective security detail possible.  more on concierge style security >>

Construction Site Security:

We provide on-site, trained, professional security guards and mobile patrols, ready and determined to ensure the safety and security of your construction site.   more on construction site security >>

Labour Disputes & Lockouts:

We at Wormald Security respect labour disputes and lockouts. We are committed to remaining neutral when confronted with picket lines, and can provide pragmatic and effective security to any labour dispute or lockout scenario.   more on labour disputes & lockouts >>

Mobile Patrol Service:

Our Mobile Patrol units ensure the safety and security of your business or event. Uniformed guards with marked cars are trained and ready to provide you with effective security across the board to ensure your satisfaction.   more on mobile patrol services >>

Retail & Asset Protection:

Our highly skilled security guards recognize the importance of your business, and are dedicated to protecting it’s security in every way, through detailed, thorough and well-organized security practice.   more on retail & asset protection >>

Shopping Centre Security:

We provide all-encompassing security and mobile patrols units to provide top-notch security and safety. Our team works non-stop to deliver the most effective service possible to keep your location and its patrons safe and secure.   more on shopping centre security >>

Special Events Security:

Our team at Wormald Security sees the smooth operation of your event as our priority, and we provide access control, mobile patrols and uniformed security to keep it safe.   more on special events security >>

Uniformed Security Guards:

All of our uniformed security guards are highly trained, licensed, skilled, experienced and dedicated to working with you to provide personalized, efficient and effective security.   more on uniformed security guards >>

Here at Wormald we pride ourselves on being able to help protect our client’s most valued assets. We work tirelessly to provide the best personalized care for each client, and we recognize how crucial an effective and dedicated security team is to any event, business or location. To learn more about how we can provide you with the top quality security services in Vancouver and Surrey, please contact us at Wormald Security.

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