Shopping Centre Security

At Wormald Security we understand the importance of having professional, authoritative uniformed security detail at any retail outlet.

Our team works with clients in the Greater Vancouver area to provide active and practical security for any shopping center. We provide uniformed security guards to protect businesses and ensure their safety. Our security guards provide a safe environment and atmosphere for shoppers while also catering to the needs of management and storeowners.

Shopping centers in the Surrey and Vancouver area require intensive care and protection to ensure the safety and security of valued assets. Mobile patrols survey the retail center and provide a first defense against any potential security breaches. Our uniformed security guards constantly patrol shopping centers, surveying and taking action when necessary. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment for both customers and storeowners. Our team is organized, focused, detail oriented and efficient, able to adapt to any situation or security measure. Our trained guards are equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to arrange and administer dynamic and efficient security.

All of our employed guards are licensed and trained, and they work closely with our clients; this allows us to build foundations of trust and comfort, and allows us to work with necessary methods and priorities to provide distinct security that caters to our clients needs. We take retail safety very seriously at Wormald Security. We prioritize each client’s resources and goods as if they were our own, taking great care to ensure their protection. To learn more about how to protect shopping centers through uniformed security details and mobile patrols, contact Wormald Security.

Wormald Security