Commercial & Industrial Security in Surrey and Vancouver, BC.

Here at Wormald Security, we provide professional, trained and experienced security guards to protect and secure commercial and industrial business plants and locations all across Surrey and the Greater Vancouver area.
Uniformed guards are prepared to deliver the best possible service to all of our clients. Our security team provides mobile patrol units utilizing marked vehicles and GPS technology to constantly survey and protect large industrial locations. Our uniformed guards carry out access control providing a barrier against unwanted visitation and deviant criminal activity.
Mobile patrols are a very efficient and cost effective way to protect your business location, as our team consistently moves around, protecting key areas and surveying according to our client’s needs. This allows for all-encompassing security that protects all potential breaches or issues without stationing uniformed security guards at every location. Our team streamlines and prioritizes communication to allow for mobile patrols to be effectively executed with the use of fewer guards if they were regularly stationed.

A background in security and law enforcement gives us the ability to plan for and execute measures to prevent and stop criminal behaviors including theft, breaking and entering and vandalism. Our security guards are flexible, highly trained, and professional, and we work with our clients to formulate the most efficient and effective security measures specifically for each client’s business.
Industrial locations are diverse, and come with many varying needs, weaknesses, challenges and limits. Our team recognizes this, and we approach each job differently, working together with our clients to organize and follow through with a realistic, all encompassing, intelligent and cost-effective plan to effectively guard our client’s employees, location, and valued assets. To learn more about how we can protect your commercial or industrial location in the Greater Vancouver area through mobile patrols, access control and uniformed security, contact us at Wormald Security.

Wormald Security