Wormald Security - Your Security Guard Solution in Greater Vancouver

Wormald Security is a Security company based in Surrey, British Columbia. We specialize in providing security to people and places across the Greater Vancouver and Surrey area.

Our security team is dedicated to providing top-notch, detailed, organized, efficient and effective security for any business, workplace or special event needs. We specialize in providing access control, uniformed security guards and mobile patrol units to ensure the safety and protection of our client’s valued locations, patrons, employees and assets. We pride ourselves on organizing and providing personalized security measures for our clients to ensure our team is working to most effectively meet your needs. We tailor our security measures to each individual client in order to provide the best possible security which works in line with each client’s needs, ideas, priorities and desires.

Years of experience in both security and law enforcement give our management team an edge in our ability to assess, properly secure and protect locations and assets in the Greater Vancouver and Surrey area. Our security guards are all fit adults, properly certified and rigorously trained to always be attentive, detail oriented, organized and authoritative in their security presence. Uniformed security guards with marked cars help to provide deterrence against criminal or undesirable activity, and our security guards provide an authoritative presence to any event, workplace or other location. Our team at Wormald Security prioritizes communication, and our uniformed security guards are trained to be flexible, quick to respond, thorough and able to think on their feet and respond wisely to any situation.

Here at Wormald, we value the security of every client, and we work tirelessly to keep our locations and our client’s asset safe and secure. Our team is dedicated to providing the best quality security services in Greater Vancouver and Surrey, whether it be stationed uniformed security guards, mobile patrols, access control or otherwise. We strive to provide professional, efficient, organized, personalized and effective security. At Wormald Security, your protection and your safety are our top priorities.

Wormald Security