Special Events Security

Wormald Security is dedicated to providing the best special event security in the Greater Vancouver region.  We work closely with local police, the city and promoters to ensure the overall safety and security of those who attend.

Our security team works constantly to provide stellar service and intelligent and effective security measures. Our teams of uniformed security guards tailor our methods of security to every client’s personalized needs, concerns and desires, and we view every event as equally important. We provide access control to restrict areas to outsiders and streamline event set up and running. We provide uniformed security around entrances and stationed within events to protect the safety and security of the assets and patrons of any event. Our team is also trained and willing to provide mobile patrols, complete with marked vehicles, GPS technology and constant communication to ensure your event stays secure and functions to it’s fullest potential.

Our guards are highly trained and experienced in the field of security, and provide each and every client with personalized care that suits their needs for any and every event. Our uniformed security guards are able to work in a wide range of settings and scenarios, including concerts and performances, fairs, business meetings, galas, showcases and any other types of special events in the Surrey and Greater Vancouver area.

We take every event very seriously, and are able to provide an authoritative presence or work behind the scenes to ensure every event stays safe, and the patrons and hosts feel secure. Our team is detail oriented and organized, creating event specific, thorough blueprints to provide the best possible security measures. For more information on how access control, mobile patrols and uniformed security guards work to protect your event in the Greater Vancouver region, contact our team at Wormald Security.

Wormald Security