Retail & Asset Protection

Uniformed security teams from Wormald Security are prepared, willing and able to work hard to provide organized and effective security in any retail or business scenario.

Our uniformed guards are experienced in providing security, and are trained to be authoritative figures without intimidating any potential buyers, by allowing for friendly interaction while remaining focused and detail oriented in order to most efficiently serve any business. We specialize in access control for your business, protecting it from unwanted intruders and restricting access to areas that are not publically available. We allow for peace of mind by protecting and ensuring the security of target areas.

We recognize the diversity of business, and we work hard to provide top-notch security in any manner, whether it be through mobile patrol units, access control, regular security or otherwise. Our clients in Surrey and Vancouver feel confident leaving their property under the organized protection of Wormald Security guards. Here at Wormald Security, we approach every business with the intent to ensure the safety and security of both employees and products. We look to work with out clients, so our unformed guards can understand their priorities, concerns and needs in order to personalize our service.

Every retail center, every store and every owner and customer is important to us, and we work around the clock to ensure every individual and all assets are protected and taken care of. Our security teams are trained to perform sweeping assessments of any security flaws and fix them. Wormald Security treats each business we work for with respect and understanding, and strive to provide detailed, efficient and practical security. For retail security and protection of your assets through organized and professional uniformed security, contact Wormald Security.

Wormald Security