Concierge Style Security

At Wormald Security, we pride ourselves on having a professional team working across the Greater Vancouver area to provide distinctly personalized security work in areas of uniformed security, mobile patrols and access control.
Our security guards work with all of our clients to ensure that we are meeting their needs, and providing security that is effective and efficient for our client’s assets. Whether surveying and protecting a location as a mobile patrol unit, providing special event security, or assisting in protection and access control as a uniformed guard, our clients can be assured our team will always work in line with their needs and desires. Our uniformed security guards approach each job with an open mind to adapt to the needs and conditions of each location.

Our security guards are trained and experienced in different forms of security, and tailor their plans, measures and execution of procedures in a professional and organized manner. Random or scheduled mobile patrol checks can be easily arranged, and our guards respect and follow through with any specialized protocol or procedures set out by our clients.
Communication is highly valued at Wormald Security, and we keep in constant check with our guards. We also notify our clients of unusual behavior, breaches in security or any other necessary information as necessary. Our team has a great deal of experience in security work, but nothing is more important to us than making sure our work is in line with our client’s needs, and personalized to account for their locations, assets and procedures. For top quality concierge style security in the Surrey and Greater Vancouver area, contact Wormald Security.

Wormald Security