Labour Disputes & Lockouts

Our official position when encountering Labour Disputes and Lockouts in Surrey and Vancouver through our security detail is to take a neutral stance.
Whether our mobile patrol units encounter a picket line while surveying an area, or our uniformed guards come across a dispute, our security guards are trained to remain neutral and follow direct orders from our client. Our security guards are also able to assist and guard employees and protestors during lockouts, providing an authoritative figure to help enforce and protect picket lines. Uniformed security guards with marked vehicles are trained to respond to potentially volatile or dangerous situations, and our team is organized and focused on protecting assets, property, and of course, workers and employees involved.

Training and years of experience give our security guards the ability to think quickly, act responsibly and prevent any escalation in a lockout scenario. We respect and recognize the importance of labour disputes and understand that they have potential to become unstable. At Wormald Security, we always remain dedicated to staying neutral and not crossing picket lines when we encounter them. We also acknowledge how vital and influential lockouts can be, and how in some cases there is potential that they can lead to escalation. We are committed to protecting employees in these security scenarios as our top priority, and we plan and organize strategies for ensuring the safety of workers and our client’s valued assets and property.

We at Wormald Security are devoted to arranging and executing organized, realistic, professional and effective security tactics to ensure the safety of our client’s lockouts and labour disputes, and we are committed to our policy of remaining neutral when encountering picket lines and lockouts. For respectful, efficient and effective security for labour disputes and lockouts in Surrey and Vancouver, contact our team at Wormald Security.

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