Mobile Patrol Service

If you feel that an on-site security guard is unnecessary, Wormal Security offers quality mobile patrol services in the Surrey and Greater Vancouver area. Whether it be office buildings, strip malls, condos, parking lots, industrial parks, warehouses or construction sites, Wormald Security has you protected.

Mobile patrol services are one of the most effective security systems we offer here at Wormald Security, and mobile patrol efforts help business owners and event hosts across the Greater Vancouver and Surrey area feel more safe and secure in the protection of their properties and assets.

Our uniformed security guards are trained to provide security measures that go beyond simple monitoring security guards and access control. Mobile patrols are very effective in helping ensure the security of retail operations, and are critical in cases where special event security is needed. Our security guards utilize marked cars and the latest in GPS technology to provide hands-on surveillance and protection. Our security guards patrol and monitor all areas of your special event or business, constantly moving and checking for weaknesses or security breaches. Our guards are able to make quick decisions and take direction from our client, whether they are carrying out random or scheduled patrol stops, checking entrances and exits, deterring or stopping criminal activity or any number of other security measures.

Our security team follows boundaries and protocols set by our clients for alerting and dealing with any security breaches or out of the ordinary occurrences, and our security guards always follow through with protocol, never acting outside the protocol set by our clients. Whether our team is patrolling a work site, business, private event or any other target, we always work to provide personalized and organized security, as our client’s security and peace of mind is always an important concern. For efficient, effective and personalized access control for your location or event in the Greater Vancouver area, contact Wormald Security.

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